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FHT registered, master therapist
Beverley, East Yorkshire, UK

My Mission...

...is to help people in defeating their negative, none-serving mindsets and to make the transformation to a positive future full of potential. My greatest achievements are the positive changes I have witnessed in the many people I have had the privilege to coach over the years.

From a bullied, timid 8 year old boy who turned into a confident A grade overachiever, to helping clients overcome serious negative behaviour habits, anxieties, stress, depression and then go on to achieve their long term goals.


Based in Beverley, East Yorkshire, I work with clients in the region via private home visits,
and or Skype video calls for National and International clients.
I present group workshops and keynote talks to National businesses  
I provide online study certified courses for personal development.
I offer downloadable hypnosis audios
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Neil Sunley - Dip Hyp. Master Hyp. FHT (Reg)
Mindfulness Practitioner.
Prof Martial Arts (Ret)
AFN Nutritional Advisor
MSC Wellness Coach

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how Can I help you?

Invest in yourself by making  positive changes. With nearly twenty years as a clinical and cognitive hypnotherapist and thirty years as a martial artist, I will help you:

- Take back control of your thoughts through hypnotherapy
- Gain more energy by helping you achieve your physical goals
- Inspire you to achieve lifelong goals with deep meditation work

"I learnt how to approach situations with a different but positive mindset, I have never done meditation before however I will be from now!"

R.F (Beverley, East Yorkshire)
"Neil helped me overcome my insomnia problems in just two sessions of hypnotherapy."

J.A (Bridlington, East Yorkshire)
"I lost over two stone in weight and gained more confidence after following Neil's diet and fitness advice. Thank you!"

S.H (Scarborough, North Yorkshire)
"Neil has helped enormously with negative thoughts and anxiety. He is so reassuring and his knowledge, expertise and passion is incredible"

D.C (Beverley, East Yorkshire)
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"Like a computer, you simply need updated software."

I use the latest scientifically proven methods to help you break through the non serving thoughts and feelings that are hidden away in your subconscious stopping you achieve your maximum potential.

I like to turn traditional therapy on its head too. That means no tired old office therapy couches. I meet you in a place that is comfortable for you. Such as your favourite public garden, cafe or even a pub.

Most clients I see are just comfortable in their own home, the choice is entirely yours. The main thing is to choose a place where you can relax for a while.

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