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Anxiety Perspective
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Winter Blues?
Give yourself a natural boost this winter!
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Can my phobia be overcome?
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Acceptance is a powerful way to move forward in your life
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Anxiety in Children
A children's picture book that teaches calmness whilst under stress.
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Lockdown sanity
Stay positive and happy during lockdown
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World Mental Health Day
A simple coping technique for world mental health day and beyond.
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Guard Your Mind Be Happier
Learn how to unplug yourself from the information assault of 21st century life. 
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Which Nootropics Actually Work?
My top 5 nootropics that enhance mental clarity, focus and memory.
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How to Make a Green Smoothie
How to make a green smoothie? I'll show you exactly how to enjoy the benefits of a daily green smoothie. 
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Life Hack
A bendy life-hack that everyone can do.
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Hypnotherapy Online?
In this strange time of global lock down and change, I wanted to briefly address a question some people have been asking me: Can hypnotherapy really...
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Are You Suffering From Burnout?
In today's fast paced world it is easy for us to let the pressures of daily living get on top of us. Holding a job together to pay the bills, meeting importan...
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Staff Wellness In Your Company
Companies seeking a happier and more productive workforce in the new decade perhaps should consider new investment in retaining quality employees. Obvious ri...
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New Years Resolutions Don't Work
Setting unobtainable and even materialistic goals will simply cause you unnecessary stress, when your mind picks up on the fact that you are nowhere near you...
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Control Your Pain Now
From backache and migraine headaches to joint pain and physical trauma , meditation and hypnotherapy can be very effective. For pain management and...
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Trouble Sleeping?
Hypnotherapy can help by clearing the 'busy noise' in your head, allowing for a natural, deep and restful sleep. In the mean time try gently placing your han...
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