Hypnotherapy to help you sleep

Can hypnotherapy help me sleep?

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Neil Sunley

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Falling asleep but waking up in the night often? If you have checked the obvious sleep hygiene markers; no caffeine after 4pm / no screens 2 hours before sleep time etc then hypnotherapy could be beneficial to you. Anxiety and stress would be an obvious origin, but as we know, everyone has different experiences, interpretations, emotional reactions to events and trauma, so only a professional therapist would be able to help you navigate the subconscious mind in search of your particular trigger impulses. Hypnotherapy can be a very therapeutic procedure and can also help target and potentially file away and resolve and issues that maybe affecting your sleep. Many people find they dream extensively after a deep session of hypnosis, this is a normal and healthy response to the therapy, as the mind 'reprocesses' any unresolved trauma and new ideas. For short term sleep problems, passion flower extract and montmorency cherries are a natural supplement, always check first with your healthcare advisor if they would be suitable for you. Following on from that, contact me through my site and arrange a free consultation today!

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