Hypnotherapy Online?

In this strange time of global lock down and change, I wanted to briefly address a question some people have been asking me: Can hypnotherapy really...

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Many people have an understandably incorrect idea of how hypnotherapy works. The idea – for some – is that some sort of physical contact (or, at the very least, a deep “look into my eyes” moment) takes place during a hypnotherapy session is completely different to the reality.

When my clients undertake a session of hypnotherapy, everything that happens face to face can and is replicated entirely over a live link. This is because hypnotherapy is a process that happens in your unconscious mind, but you don’t have to be unconscious for hypnotherapy to work. As an example, that we’re all processing unconsciously all of the time, you’re not having to consciously read this sentence, are you? You’re just reading it automatically.

In every session – in person or online – there are spoken and visual techniques that are tailored to each individual, and, as many people who have successfully enjoyed a Skype hypnotherapy session with My Soul Coach say, these are equally effective when done online.

The Facts:

My Soul Coach is as open for business as ever and remains committed to helping people overcome whatever problem is causing them to be unhappy – whether they want to stop smoking, they are troubled by anxiety, they have PTSD or are trying to overcome a specific phobia.

For the foreseeable future, because of Covid-19, most of my sessions will be conducted online via Skype.

If you would like a FREE consultation about an issue you are finding difficult to cope with, then get in touch today neil@mysoulcoach.co.uk

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