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There is a wealth of evidence now that supports the positive effects a morning routine has on our mental state. Beginning the day with a routine that suits your lifestyle can really boost positivity, creativity, productivity, mental clarity to name a few. It also helps people that suffer from symptoms of depression by creating a new positive habit and programs their mind to get out of bed and provides much needed structure.

I have had a passion for self improvement, health and fitness for over thirty years now and Im always searching for new ways to sharpen my mental, physical and spiritual performance. For a few months now I have been perfecting my personal morning routine and have found a system I am happy with. I must emphasise however, that as a middle aged man living with two young children, the start time and achieving quiet throughout the routine can sometimes be a challenge!

The following is my routine in (Desired) order:

1/ 06:00 Wake and drink water. Hydration is the first priority after sleep

2/ Make the bed. Start the day with order and excellence.

3/ Deep breathing. Simple diagrphramatic breathing for a minute or two to fully oxygenate your blood.

4/ Cardio. 15 - 20 minutes. Work up a gentle sweat to boost feel-good endorphin levels.

5/ Meditation. Lower stress and cortisol levels and achieve clarity and calm....when the two year old isn't using me as a climbing frame!

5/ Cold shower. Reduces inflammation and increases alertness

6/ Superfood smoothie. Usually a mixture of frozen fruits, greens, plant milk and healthy fats.

7/ 07:00 Notes. What do I need to accomplish today? Start immediately on the most important task.

As a bare minimum and if you are considering to incorporate a morning routine, I would highly recommend you simply begin with 5 to 15 minutes of meditation before you go about your day. Simply breathe deeply into your abdomen and focus your awareness on your breath moving around your body and keeping your mind from wandering.

Do your research, see what works for you and you will find by beginning each day with a routine that suits your lifestyle, will really set you off to achieve your best results for the day ahead.

Need any help along the way? Feel free to get in touch.

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