Hypnotherapy to forget someone

Can hypnosis be used to forget someone?

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Can hypnotherapy really work to forget somebody?

We all have memories, some positive, some negative, some of people we have uplifting experiences with, some not so and would rather forget all together! Hypnotherapy works to ease the emotions attached to trauma and events, perhaps these memories are causing problems in the present for you that happened some time ago. This is because the bad event / trauma / memory hasn't been properly processed and is stuck in the wrong area of the brain, typically the amygdala and the hypo campus. So can I as a hypnotherapist take away that bad memory of yours...No. Can I take away the emotion surrounding the memory so it can be processed and you can move on with your life...YES!

If you are having unwanted thoughts and bad memories about a certain person from the past, get in touch and lets work the problem.

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