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A bendy life-hack that everyone can do.

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Neil Sunley

Hypnotherapist in Beverley

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If you are like me and always searching for ways to improve yourself, you will probably be familiar with a modern term of 'life-hacks'.

A life hack is a quick fix to a problem that is shared to a wider community, that would normally have took someone a considerable amount of research to discover.

Well I would like to share with you a simple hack I incorporate into my daily schedule. It can take from as little as one minute to perform but will ensure that on waking the morning after you will be significantly more supple and freer of those familiar early morning aches and pains!

So what is it? In a word; STRETCHING. As a martial artist for over thirty years now, I was always taught about the benefits of stretching before exercise. Since those early days, hundreds if not thousands of articles, books and videos have been written on the correct way to stretch, all from 'cold stretching to 'hot yoga'. I have researched and tried the majority. So from my own personal experience of trial and error that sometimes resulted in injury I can honestly report that the following really works for me.

Method; every night, the last thing I do before climbing into bed is to gently, but thoroughly stretch. This can range daily from a simple leg and back stretch such as to touch (or attempt) my toes, or if I have more time, I will gently stretch my whole body with yoga.

Remarkably the following morning, I always feel more flexible and free instead of the alternative. So much more free in fact, that if I needed to jump out of bed quickly and run downstairs to catch a bus, I believe could! Although I don't think the people on that bus would be very appreciative of my attire.

So I urge you to give it a try! Gentle stretching is the way forward of course and be aware of your capabilities, especially if you have a physical condition or carrying an injury. However if you do have say a leg injury, you could always stretch your upper body instead, so there can always be a way!

If you need any more information feel free to get in touch or follow me on my social media channels for more hacks.

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