How to Make a Green Smoothie

How to make a green smoothie? I'll show you exactly how to enjoy the benefits of a daily green smoothie. 

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For years I have been drinking smoothies, some sweet, sugary, fruit based, some bitter and green veg based and depending on what my body requires on any given day I will make the required fuel in a blender.

I say 'fuel' as that's how I need you to think of food and drink. Research and findings around nutritional science are growing at a rapid rate, mainly due to large funded studies by government institutes, large food industries and universities worldwide. So if you want to learn about nutrition and how it works with your body, there is a vast knowledge base out there. However, some of it is contradictory and confusing at best and of course it depends on who and more importantly why the studies are funded and carried out in the first place!

I will be covering the subject in depth in one of my online courses shortly, which will have a straight forward, no nonsense guide on diets, exercise and nutrition, so you don't have to research the subject further, I will do it all for you! If you are interested then add my online educational course site to your bookmarks:

And so on to the legendary green smoothie... science aside (All in my upcoming online course) I make one of these green lovelies most days and I always have it in a fasted state after exercise, to replace the traditional breakfast such as highly processed and sugar based cereals, bread and preserves.

You cannot really mess this up and really its down to the question "Can I stomach this!" and "Is there any ingredients in here I can't use?" due to any special dietary requirements you may be on. Just a word of warning on taste...Spiralina algae and greens alone with no fruit added is horrendous in my humble opinion, so if you're like me then add fruit!

Any green ingredients you add will be oxygenating for your body and potentially packed full of iron, minerals and B vitamins, all the good stuff! Add some frozen fruit, fresh herbs and spices, algae and water (Protein isolate if you need it) and there you go. Just blitz in a blender.

My personal favourite morning shake recipe is:

1/2 Avacado

1/2 banana

Frozen spinach

Frozen blueberries

Spiralina algae

Organic cinnamon

MCT oil

Seed mix


Water (Or plant milk)

An optional extra is 1/2 cup of porridge oats, I add this if I won't be eating until lunch.

I always try and get organic and ethically sourced ingredients. As I believe the less the food is tampered with farmed, mass produced, fertilised, pesticides used, processed and handled the better it is for us all.

The shake (If you add oats) should keep you going until lunch, no nasty snaking in between please! You have all the calories and nutrients you need and in the long run your body will thank you for it :)

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