Tapping or emotional freedom technique, let me help you bring relief to Anxiety, depression, pain, PTSD and more!

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Neil Sunley

Hypnotherapist in Beverley

Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy MHyp DHyp (FHT reg)
CBT Practitioner
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EFT (Tapping) Practitioner
Founder, Elite Self Defence

Tapping (EFT) fascinates me. For decades I've been an advocate for new, science backed, cutting edge treatments that work. That's why I incorporate a portion of cognitive behavioural therapy into my sessions. For over 5000 years in the East, humans have been aware of meridians or pressure end points, that when applied pressure to, or punctured, lower the stress load within the body. Biologically speaking, the meridians exist as part of our limbic system, thus connecting our major organs to these energy super highways through our body. As a hypnotherapist, I am all too well versed in the role of the amygdala, in simplistic terms our 'early warning system' or our 'fight / flight centre. It's responsible for so many unresolved fears and habits, especially when the hypo campus derives a threat to be real, then of course it results in a negative trait. We hypnotherapists (and there are many it seems nowadays) must convince that part of the brain to think otherwise. In layman's terms, tapping turns off the fight-flight by acupressure to key meridians, then when thinking of a stressor, the hippocampus can actually reprogram itself and tells the amygdala whether the stress response is legitimate or not. I have been using the technique with some of my clients for a number of years now, who have all reported back positive long-lasting benefits from the system I taught them based on this amazing system we all have access to.

So, if you are needing a fast and long lasting way of relieving anxiety, stress, pain, guilt and fears, just drop me a line at neil@mysoulcoach and we can discuss the issue that's been holding you back!

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