Acceptance is a powerful way to move forward in your life

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Neil Sunley

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One of the crucial pieces of advice I give is that of acceptance. Its a very important step in grief counselling and it helps to settle the mind into the present. You must try and understand that the world is how it is at any given point in time. There are upwards of 8 billion humans on this planet, each with their own workloads, pressures, issues etc.are you going with the flow or against it? Could you really have made a difference? Implore your rational and Intellegence. Maybe you feel you have been treated unfairly for example? It would be a useful exercise for you to understand what has happened in their lives to that point that made them treat you that way, whether it was a lawful or an unlawful act. Good or bad. Try and go at least somewhere to ACCEPT its in the past, it will go someway to help ease any pain you are suffering. Everyone has their own path of development to work on, and their projected image of themselves and how they want to be viewed can heavily blur that path. Take a step back, use an aeroplanes window view, look down at the situation, include all the little happenings around the situation, put it in perspective and relevance, ACCEPT to the best of your ability and take the next small step forward.

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