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Learn how to unplug yourself from the information assault of 21st century life. 

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Neil Sunley

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Now more than ever before in our history, our minds being invaded on multiple levels by information.

The information invasion begins for the majority on waking, when they reach for their phones and check social media and maybe scan the news. They go to work and en-route pass several cleverly designed ad boards created specifically to lodge in our subconscious. They plug in to their computers and check emails, receive calls, take orders, plan tasks etc all while the radio in the background is playing advertisements that - you guessed it, is lodging unbeknown to us deep within our minds. On top of all this they deal with the wide spectrum of personalities in their day, some positive, some negative, some in-between. They check their phones….Constantly!

In the US, the average time someone spends on their smart phone is now over 5 hours. Us Brits are a little more reserved of course, but still coming in with an average of 3.5 hours per day! After the working day it’s even more information overload in the form of TV, gaming, audios, more social media and reading, right up until their brain tells them “Thats it! I’m done, no more, I must sleep!”

This is causing stress within people like never before. It's because the information being processed is creating a heightened sense of urgency, which automatically triggers the central nervous system in to action. In particular, the sympathetic system, which, if left unchecked, can cause chronic stress, anxieties and even lead to depression. In that daily cycle the brain is simply hearing: “Get this now, beat the crowd, be first, start a business, be faster, be stronger, make money fast, set goals or loose out, be liked, be popular, look good”……adrenalin! adrenalin! adrenalin!

So what is the antidote? Simply get off the grid!

Even if its for an hour a day (Preferably the first hour of the day) I’m a big believer in morning routines and part of my routine every day is to do some low intensity exercise for the first 20 minutes of the day in a fasted state.

Begin with water, no peeking at your phone, no food, no negative thoughts, just your uninterrupted self.

Try a 6:00am walk around the block, a stretching routine in your back yard, or an easy session on the cross trainer. Do what ever you can to be outside, as the natural light is great first thing for our natural circadian rhythm, whatever the weather!  After exercise just try and be still. Sit or stand outside and listen to the sounds in your environment without moving or thinking. Or if you know how, meditate or visualise for a while, stillness is the key.

Give it a go on your next full working week and note the difference to your stress levels by being off grid for once, even if its only for a short time. Your brain will repay you for it. After all we are not in the film The Matrix…...…are we?

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