Anxiety in Children

A children's picture book that teaches calmness whilst under stress.

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Neil Sunley

Hypnotherapist in Beverley

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My first children's book 'Snuffleump Lost in the Forest' published my Troubador is now out at all major retailers.

Snuffleump follows a lovable, friendly creature that children will relate to. Through its easy to read rhymes and beautiful illustrations, the theme subtly informs young children the benefits of keeping calm and gaining clarity in a stressful situations.

One day whilst playing however, Snuffleump goes against his parents wishes and wanders off, finding himself suddenly lost and alone! He has to dig deep and find the best way of calming himself down, can he find his way home before the day turns to night...?

Initially, I wrote this and the fourth-coming books in the series, based on my experience as a hypnotherapist and life coach for 20 years. Knowing that many of our negative mental issues as adults, can be traced back to happenings from our childhood when our subconscious is open and learning. So, to help educate children from a young age, by installing positive, imaginative and life improving stories is my goal.

I have young children myself, their bedtime is always a time where I create fantastical stories of lands far away, which hopefully ignites their imagination. I always try to mix in an important metaphorical life skill or two, whether its building resilience, making best of a negative situation or overcoming fear. Knowing that the stories have a strong chance of being retained by their sub-conscious when read before sleep.

The deepest inspiration however comes from events that we all see on the news from time to time. Which involves a missing child, that heart wrenchingly and all too often has a terribly sad ending. Helping to protect and educate our young children on how to cope when facing any negative event, is an incredibly strong driver within my writing.

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