Can my phobia be overcome?

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Everyone is born with only two basic fears, everything else has been learned by us as a fear response to certain situations. An anxiety response is based on fear, a phobia concentrates that fear, resulting in physical symptoms and stress. Over time a person learns to avoid, therefore reducing the anxiety in the situation. Hence the person develops a habitual mechanism.

So how do we cure a phobia? At my hypnotherapy and life-coaching practice near Beverley, Hull and Driffield, I use two main treatments that work well in the majority of cases and often only one session is required. However every client is different and consideration is always applied to the clients history, which may affect the type of therapy required. For instance a client may come to me for a simple phobic response cure, but during analysis, it may be discovered that the person has PTSD, underlying trauma or even psychosis.

The first of these two main treatments is a guided NLP procedure which I deliver either via ZOOM or in person in my therapy room. This works on the person's fear memories, that could be trapped still in their amygdala resulting in a fight / flight state and requires reprocessing.

The second treatment as an example follows; If the a person has a fear response to say spiders, it concludes that they have reinforced the avoidance of spiders many times, so even the sight of seeing a spider on a page in a book is intolerable.

So for a simple 'at home' treatment', firstly understand that avoidance of the phobia is not serving you. The opposite of avoidance is what is required to desensitise your response. Which is simply, a gradual, slow, exposure. Perhaps some of you are reading this a squirming at the thought of holding a spider? Well one day that could be the goal. But make a list firstly, with the most gentle exposure to conquer first. Such as leaving open a book with an illustration of a small spider on. The key to this is the length of time you are exposed, usually between 25 - 45 minutes is required each time. Be consistent until you feel ready for the next step on the list, perhaps watching a nature program. Gradually after many exposures, work up through your hierarchy list to your overall goal. Eventually you will de-sensitise and reprogram your central nervous systems response to a calmer future.

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